What does Phone Number Verified badge mean and how to obtain it

ADList24 does everything possible to protect it's users from spam and fake ADs.
Before posting any AD, each poster has to verify their real phone numbers, these are never shown on website to other users.
However, if an advertiser put's the verified phone number on AD, the AD will have a "Phone Number Verified" badge.
This way our visitors can be sure that the poster actually owns the phone number posted on the AD.

What to do if you have several phone numbers and want to use different phone numbers on different ADs.

You can verify as many phone nubers as you wish, so each AD can have a "Phone Number Verified" badge.
Simply go to My Contacts page and click on "Add Phone Number".
You can access the page from the main menu after loggin in.
If you have already created ADs, you can still verify the phone number, you will need to open the AD and save it again after verifing phone number in order to get the badge.

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